<!-- TITLE: Fishsticks --> <!-- SUBTITLE: The Official Christian Crew Gaming Discord Bot --> # Fishsticks Fishsticks is the official Christian Crew Gaming (CCG) Discord bot; designed and built from the ground up using NodeJS and the Discord API by SkyeRangerDelta of Planetary Dynamics. It is a custom made script designed to cater to the needs of CCG's community in Discord via any way possible. Fishsticks originated from a copy of the foundation of the original LCARS47 bot built for PlDyn's Discord server in 2015. Numerous features and systems have been implemented on both bots with Fishsticks being the significantly more advanced in terms of abilites. ## History Fishsticks was created on March 4, 2018 and was named Fishsticks in a 7 minutes discussion based on the idea of CC's "The Fish" game server group.