A quick summary of LCARS 47


LCARS47 is the primary bot for PlDyn's Discord community, built using Nodejs and the Discord.js API. Originally composed by SkyeRangerDelta of Planetary Dynamics. LCARS47 is the first and current foundation for all PlDyn composed bots including Christian Crew Gaming's Fishsticks.


The current LCARS47 is currently the result of multiple iterations of enhancements and foundation builds. Fishsticks V12 is built on the foundation known as LCARS Foundation 2. Fishsticks is now the far more advanced bot with complex subroutines outpacing LCARS' system by miles.

LCARS Foundation 1

LCARS was originally composed as a test project just to see what was possible within the realm of Discord chat bots. Obviously at this point, the possibilities were fairly clear once the entirety of the Discord.js API was reviewed. Foundation 1 was written at the beginning as a singlular script that ran the entire bot. Every line of code that ran LCARS was in this one core script. A series of conditionals that processed event handlers; ie: if (message == "!help") { ... } lined the script composing all of LCARS' functions.

LCARS Foundation 2

After several hundred lines of if statements and whatnot, the realization occured that the command handling could be pipelined by building handlers. The modularization of LCARS' code was matched with a complete refactor of the entire project. Instead of multiple hundreds of lines of code under a single event handler from Discord, there was nothing more than just maybe 30 that would capture the command and shunt the rest of the code execution off to a comand script that would handle the entire process. This new modular system increased system efficiency by galaxies. This change in LCARS systems was concurrent with the decision from CCG to create a Discord bot - and into existence came Fishsticks.