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The official Discord bot of Planetary Dynamics.

The official PlDyn Discord bot
LCARS47 Logo
Entry Information
Class: Discord Bot
Developer: PlDyn (SkyeRangerDelta)
Current Version:
Language: NodeJS
Release Date: 9/10/2017
Architecture: LCARS 1st Generation
Foundry State: Refining



LCARS47, in the context of PlDyn, is a computer system that handles and manages various systems across the PlDyn network. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Discord chat commands
  • Communications relay betwixt servers and Discord
  • Stream chat moderation and Discord integration
  • Various systems behind the webserver
    • Email
    • User messaging (like a 404 page)


LCARS47 by most notable means is the onboard computer system designed by Michael Okuda for Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Next Generation. Aboard the federation starship Enterprise, the LCARS system handled all shipwide systems; life support, engine systems, power generation systems, even door mechanisms. This advanced system was so large that it used two central isolinear processing towers abord the ship.

In terms of Planetary Dynamics, the founder of PlDyn: SkyeRangerDelta, built the initial community around the layout of a starship. The community was constructed inside of the VOIP program called Discord and the channel layout followed that of the names of various places. In that same sense, the first Discord bot to be developed for the community seemed logically appropriate to name LCARS47. Since then, the bot has controlled all sorts of various aspects and systems around the community. While having no actual central script to do all this, one is lead to believe all of these systems are handled by LCARS because he is instanced so many times across the different network locations (the website, Discord, tied into servers).


The first iteration of "LCARS47" was built off of a very primitive NodeJS script, the first of which was called "Bot.js". The script eventually evolved into "Botv2.js" which still exists and contains a load of experimental "idea code" that could be implemented at a later date on a newer bot version. Since these scripts were the first pieces of Discord bot code SkyeRangerDelta had written, they were pretty bad. But, when the idea for the actual implementation for LCARS came about, the foundation for the bot came from the botv2 script. This first and completely new framework for the bot was called the LCARS 1st Generation Architecture. After a couple of additions to his code, LCARS47 now sits partially deactivated due to the development of the LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture; which made the first one obsolete. This second architecture is what the other Discord bot, Fishsticks, was and is currently built on.

Development Plans

Current State

As of the last edit of this page, LCARS47 is in primary control of communications between Discord and the Minecraft network alongside of the Twitch stream for PlDyn. The active script portion of his code is inactive due to the current project of upgrading the code to the LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture. You can see the status and project plans under the Discord Bot Development page of the PlDyn website.

Development Details

  • Upgrade LCARS47 to the 2nd Generation Architecture