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Welcome to the main Fishsticks wiki page.

The official CCG Discord bot
Fishsticks's CCG Logo
Entry Information
Class: Discord Bot
Developer: PlDyn (SkyeRangerDelta)
Current Version: 1.12.9
Language: NodeJS
Release Date: 3/11/2018
Architecture: LCARS 2nd Generation
Foundry State: Refining

General Information


Fishsticks is the Discord bot that is used as the official Christian Crew Gaming Discord bot. Since it runs the LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture, its command capabilities are much more powerful than LCARS - allowing it to complete advanced commands with lower risk of crashing. CCG uses Fishsticks every day for the general use of temporary channel creation, delayed announcing, role management, newcomer greetings, and much more.

Fishsticks himself is fairly obscure to the newcomer and requires a bit of insight to run at first glance. The advanced commands for Fishsticks are well documented and Fishsticks now even has his own built in codex system that can be seen using !info [commandID] command. If you wish to see more commands and a comprehensive guide on the bot, you can see one at the Fishsticks Guide page.

Origin & History

The original development of Fishsticks started when CCG was making their official move over from the fading TeamSpeak 3 VOIP application to Discord. The plan for development was proposed by SkyeRangerDelta and approved by the CCG Council not too long afterwards. Fishsticks's initial development was run off of the LCARS 1st Generation Architecture but slowly began taking the lead in development over the PlDyn Discord bot, LCARS47. The needs for systems on Fishsticks was more than what had been stabilized in code for LCARS. The new development strides took place more often on Fishsticks due to the demand. Eventually a massive code rework led to the development and live functionality of LCARS 2nd Generation Architecture; a feature not yet implemented fully on LCARS47.

Current State & Development Plans

Since Fishsticks is still under development, there are constant new plans being made for systems and integrations. Be it tweaks in his performance to changing the wording in the newcomer greeting messages.

Current State

Fishsticks is under active development by PlDyn and continued development is planned. The enhanced systems of Fishsticks are being tweaked with every path to make sure that nothing is wrong. Due to Fishsticks running a system that manages user security for newcoming users and CCG as a whole, building in fail-safes and staff alert systems in the event of a crash are critical.

Development Plans

Fishsticks current development plans are as follows:

  • Music Player Upgrade to add in search functionality
  • While the newcomer message is there, an addition message will be dispatched to new users informing them of the server rules
  • Aesthetics tweaks to the rich embed commands
  • Change in Fishsticks interaction with the #rules channel
  • Command additions: !meme and !gif
  • Mode additions: MATB (MattyB Mode)

Core Structure

This graphic displays the base foundation for how Fishsticks interacts with the CCG Discord server. It is very rough and doesn't show some of the advanced systems, but will show an overview of how commands are handled and what happens during the handler trigger event.

File:FS QuickStructureRef 71118.jpg