Command Listing

A comprehensive listing of Fishsticks' commands

Commands marked with an Asterisk (*) have not been implemented completely into Fishsticks.

Active Commands


Syntax: !account -[function] -<other params>
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Delimiter: Hypen -
Description: This command grants users the ability to control their Fishsticks accounts that control custom playlists, etc.

  • [function]: Determines the function the command will run.
    • [create]: Creates a user account -> !account -[create] -[username] -[password] -[confirm password]
      • [username]: The username of the account, one word (no spaces) - whatever this is will be exactly what the username for the login will be.
      • [password]: The password of the account
      • [confirm password]: Type your password again to confirm that you know what you're setting.
    • [delete]: Deletes a user account -> !account -[delete] -[password]
      • [password]: The password of your Fishsticks account.


Syntax: !bible <bookNumber> [book] [chapter] [verse]
Description: This command is not complete and will be updated once the command has been finalized.


Syntax: !break
Description: This command is for those that derive some level of pleasure and satisfaction off of trying to break Fishsticks


Syntax: !channels
Description: Generates a comprehensive list of the CC Discord channel list (both text and voice) and provides a description of each. Permission locked channels are denoted with a 🔒 symbol and require some role in order to access it.


Syntax: !codex [commandID]
Description: Codex grants the user access to Fishsticks' internal "encyclopedia" of sorts; it is designed so that the command issuer can see the full complement of a command's syntax and parameters in every scenario and is designed to aid in the understanding of more complicated commands such as !role, !wotd, and !poll without having to search this here wiki for it.


Syntax: !creative
Description: Assigns the command issuer the Creative role.


Syntax: !echo [division] [waitTime] [message]
Restrictions: Staff/Event Coordinator
Description: Echo is a command that allows a message to be posted to the announcements channel after a certain amount of time. It is designed for event announcements to be posted ahead of time.

  • [division]: Determines the ping type of message that Fishsticks should post.
    • all or none: announces with the generic @here ping.
  • [waitTime]: How long in minutes that Fishsticks should wait before posting the announcement
  • [message]: The message to be posted


Syntax: !engm
Restrictions: Staff
Description: Toggles the Engineering Mode (ENGM) subroutine.


Syntax: !event -[type] -[eventName] -[eventTime] -[eventDescription]
Restrictions: Staff/Event Coordinator
Delimiter: Hyphen -
Description: Allows the command issuer to create an event in the Fishsticks event calendar so that events can be posted and announcements automatically created at the event start time.

  • [type]: Determines what type of event to post.
    • q or quick: Only uses the event name and description parameters. Schedules the event immediately at the time of command execution.
    • d or detailed: Uses all parameters, allows the issuer to state a start time in the given format: MM:DD:YYYY:HH:MiMi:AM where AM can be PM.
  • [eventName]: The name of the event.
  • [eventTime]: The time the event starts in the format of: MM:DD:YYYY:HH:MiMi:AM where AM can be PM. End time is automatically 1 hour after the start time. (Note that this parameter IS NOT used for quick type events).
  • [eventDescription]: Any further information on the event that should be posted. (Host, what the event is about, etc.)


Syntax: !gif <searchTerm>
Description: Posts a random GIF. GIF response can be narrowed down given a search term.

  • <searchTerm>: Optional. Narrows the possible GIF responses to whatever this value is.


Syntax: !grab @author
Description: Pulls the last message sent by the author mentioned and saves as a quote in Fishsticks.

  • @author: A mention/ping of the member who posted the quote to grab.


Syntax: !help
Description: Posts the complete list of Fishsticks' commands listed by their permissions levels.

Info (Deprecated)

Syntax !info [commandID]
Description: Works exactly like the codex. Command is deprecated and will be removed in V17.


Syntax: !ips
Description: Posts a list of game server IPs that CCG officially recognizes.

Syntax: !links
Description: Posts a list of links that provide quick access to CCG websites and resources.


Syntax: !mutilate [content]
Description: Takes the content of the command and reposts to channel as trigger text (ThIs Is TrIgGeR tExT).

  • [content]: the text to be mutilated.


Syntax: !play [link] or !play [searchTerm]
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Description: Base command for Fishsticks' music player. Given a second value, will either play video associated with a link, queue the videos in the playlist, or attempt to search for a video given the search term.

  • [link] or [searchTerm]: A valid YouTube video or playlist link. If not a link, Fishsticks will search for whatever is here. If a search is conducted, a list will be posted with the first 5 results of the search and the command issuer must select one of the results to play by simply typing the number of the associted search result.


Syntax: !playing
Description: Posts what the music player is playing if any.


Syntax: !poll -[Question] -[Response1] -[Reponse2] -<Response3> -<Response4> -<Response5> -<Response6> -<Response7> -<Response8> -<Response9>
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Delimiter: Hyphen -
Description: Posts a poll in the channel. Votes are tallied by reactions to the poll message. Reactions are posted to the message by Fishsticks and are tracked for duplicate and multiple votes.

  • [Question]: The question top be posted.
  • [Response1], [Reponse2]: The two required reponses to the question.
  • <ReponseX>: Any further responses (up to 9 total responses).


Syntax: !queue
Description: Posts the current song queue for Fishsticks' music player.
Exceptions: Posts directly to the music log channel.


Syntax: !role -[function]
Restrictions: Recognized
Delimiter: Hyphen -
Description: Grants access to the game role subroutine functions. This advanced subroutine allows users to create, join/leave, and look at the details of game roles. See the Game Roles section of the subroutines page to see detailed information on how this system works.

  • [Function]: What the command will be doing
    • create: Allows the creation of game roles; requires the following parameters in order: -[roleName] -[roleGame] -[division] -[roleDescription]
      • roleName: the name the role should have; ie: Someone who plays TF2 might be called a Mercenary
      • roleGame: the associated game of the role
      • division: the divsion the game falls into. See !role -list -divisions to get a list of accepted divisions.
      • roleDescription: The description of the role, something intelligent.
    • join or leave: Joins or leaves the role given. Requires the following parameter: -[roleName] or -[roleGame]
      • roleName or roleGame: The role to join or leave.
    • list: Lists both official and unofficial roles stored in Fishsticks. If the role is unofficial, shows how many votes the role has.
      • divisions: An optional parameter that shows a list of official divisions instead of game roles. (ie: !role -list -divisions)
    • show: Shows a detailed report of a role or division (divisions are not implemented yet). Requires the parameter -[roleName] or -[roleGame]
      • roleName or roleGame: the role to be reported on.
    • vote: Votes for a role. Requires the parameter -[roleName] or -[roleGame].
      • roleName or roleGame: the role to vote for.


Syntax: !roles
Description: Posts a list of all roles (non game roles) and a description of each.


Syntax: !rules
Description: Posts an embed of the CCG rules.


Syntax: !skip
Restrictions: Staff
Description: Skips the current song in the Fishsticks music player queue. If there is no song next in the queue, the player terminates.


Syntax: !stats @[role]
Description: Generates a report of statistics of a role. Note: only tracks game roles.

  • @[role]: the role to generate a report of.


Syntax: !status
Description: Posts a detailed report of Fishsticks systems and subroutines along with an efficiency report based on the number of routines running.


Syntax: !stop
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Description: Stops the Fishsticks music player and removes all songs from the queue (if any).


Syntax: !subroutine [enable/disable] [subroutine]
Restrictions: Staff
Description: Enables or disables a subroutine of Fishsticks


Syntax: !suggest -[Title/Subject] -[Body/Content]
Delimiter: Hyphen -
Description: Dispatches the respective content to a GitHub issue in Fishsticks' respository. This is considered a suggestion and is reviewed directly by the development team.

  • [Title/Subject]: the title given to the suggestion post
  • [Body/Content]: Preferrably a suggestion, but this could really be anything your heart desires. Use it wisely as this is the content of the suggestion post.

Notes: This command posts an issue to Fishsticks' GitHub repository without the need for an account for the command executor. Fishsticks himself posts the issue.


Syntax: !summon [cardName]
Restrictions: [cardName] cannot be brodemode unless toggling rule enforcement. ⁺
Description: Summons a card onto the field! See card listing page to view the library.

  • [cardName]: The name of the card to be summoned.

Brodemode when on enforces game rules (Fishsticks style of course) that align directly with the game of Hearthstone. Certain cards cannot be played until a prerequisite has been played, etc.
Notes: See card listing page for complete card catalog. This Fs system is designed as a fun situational tool. If you enable Brodemode, be sure to turn it back off! !summon brodemode toggles the mode on and off.


Syntax: !tempch <maxUsers> [channelName]
Restrictions: Recognized
Description: Creates a temporary channel - once everyone leaves, the channel deletes itself.

  • <maxUsers>: if a number is detected here, sets the channel user limit to whatever number is here.
  • [channelName]: The name of the channel to be created.

Notes: This command must be executed while connected to the channel spawner voice channel.


Syntax: !tempname [channelName]
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Description: Changes the channel name you are connected to if possible: must be a temporary channel.

  • [channelName]: the name to change the channel name to




Syntax: !userinfo @[user]
Restrictions: Staff
Description: Generates a detailed report on a user and posts it to the channel.

  • @[user]: a mention of the user to generate a report on.


Syntax: !version
Description: Posts an embed of Fishsticks information.


Syntax: !volume <value>
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Description: Shows the volume of the Fishsticks music player if active. If given a parameter, changes the volume of the player.

  • <value>: A number to change the volume to. (Fishsticks defaults to 2, recommended no higher than 4)


Syntax: !vouch @[user]
Restrictions: (A)CC Member
Description: Vouches for a newcomer (someone with no roles) to become a Recognized.

  • @[user]: A mention of the user to vouch for.

Passive Commands


Yes, yes, it's quite simple really.



Randomly chooses one of the following.


Bet you thought that would work, ha! BEGONE!


Roger, Roger!


Aye, captain.


Randomy chooses one of the following.

'Ello, I'm right chuffed you're 'ere.

Ey up; people've been keepin their neb clean 'round 'ere since we last saw ye.

Aye, fill thi boits while you're 'round.


Changes depending on the next word. If nothing, posts;
Aye Captain; firing all weapons.

If followed by phasers:
Aye Captain; firing all phaser banks.

If followed by torpedoes.
Aye Captain; firing all photon torpedoes.


Mmmm, fishsticks....


Thou holy hand grenade?
Grenade 1


Hi There!




Never go against a sicilian when death is on the line!


We are the knights who say...NI!


May da schwartz be wid you.


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Fs Defense


I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.